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Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Hi. I'm Bubbles. English major, prospective writer, self-proclaimed comedian, gigantic nerd, space pirate, magical girl, dragonrider, and Pokemon Trainer. I'm a bit mad and a bit frantic and a bit mellow and a bit philosophical and a bit of everything else. I tend to get over dramatic and flail a lot at the silliest things. Soppiness makes me tear up but I'll deny it if pressed. Everything you need to know about me is in my journal somewhere, if you feel like poking around, and if you can't find it (or are too lazy to look) feel free to ask. I like talking about myself so I probably won't mind answering. My posting tends to be hectic; I sometimes go weeks where I only post once every couple of days and sometimes I find myself posting three or four times in one day. Sometimes I post things long after they've happened because I forgot about them at the time and sometimes I post memes and then abandon them. If you want to friend me, go ahead. I might not friend you back, but no offense. You're welcome to hang out anyway, and I can rarely be bothered to lock things so don't worry you're missing anything. I'm rather blunt at times and the least subtle person ever, but I mean no offense and if any is taken I'll be happy to put it to rights.

Warning: This journal contains themes of a homosexual nature. If this offends you in any way, then I suggest you find somewhere else to hang out.

For ease of navigation, please visit my tags page. Note: the bubbles!fic tag will take you to fic written about The Bubbles, not by. For that, click on the bubbles' fic tag.

Currently, I'm working on getting all of my fannish creations posted to [info]sphericrainbows. I'll update here once everything's posted over there.

Bubbles's PokéPet

Nido the level 87 Nidorino!

Interests (82):

CAPSLOCK, accidental necrophilia, adorable characters behaving adorably, alfred bester, arctic monkeys, argus filch/irma pince otp, asexuality, awesome people, awesometoast, beagles, bester and pachirisu, big guy and rusty, bizarre theories, black stig/white stig otp, bubbles!fic, carpreg, clarkson/hammond/may, classic who, comedy, coupling, crackfic, crackpot theories, delaware singer, doctor who, dr. horrible, eighties cartoons, fandoming real life, fangirling, fantasy, fun words to say, gaius/uther otp, gary mitchell, gordon ramsay, in-character feedback, insane crossovers, jayhempreg, jeff and neville: superheroes, jeff murdock, jeremy clarkson/bugatti veyron, kiff the one-armed soundman, kiff/jonathan otp, leonard nimoy, making up words, man/car, middleman, monty python, mystery science theater 3000, nazgul#5, neville longbottom, not managing otters, obscure characters, oliver the car, pirates, pokémon, polls, pyramid head's crystal unicorns, q, ramsay/cowell/clarkson ot3, robin hood, sabine schmitz, sabine/stig otp, slashing random people, spankman, spankman and planter, spock, star trek (os), star trek next generation, stig/stig otp, the slash dragon, the stig, tiny!gordon ramsay, tony giotto, top gear, top gear slash, uncle chan, unusual pairings, vincent desalle, walter koenig, werewolves, zedd is tommy's dad, zombie cowell/zombie morgan otp, zombies
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